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Course Contents
Introduction to business analysis
The rationale for business analysis
The development of business analysis
The scope of business analysis
The responsibilities of a business analyst Competencies of the business analyst
The Business Analysis Maturity Model
The competencies of a business analyst Business strategy analysis
The strategic context
Strategic analysis techniques
SWOT analysis
Implementing strategy The Business Analysis Process Model
The lifecycle for business analysis
Creative problem-solving approach
Stages of the process model
Deliverables and techniques for each stage Investigation techniques
Interviewing and workshops
Observation approaches
Scenarios and prototyping
Quantitative investigation techniques
Documenting the business situation Stakeholder analysis and management
Categorising stakeholders
Analysing stakeholders
Stakeholder management Modelling the business system
Soft systems methodology
Documenting business situations
Business perspectives
Business activity models
Business events and business rules
Performance measures
Gap analysis SFBA-Co01v2-1 Web  Assist Knowledge Development Ltd Modelling business processes Organisational view of processes
Value chain and value propositions
Business process modelling techniques
Improving business processes Gathering the requirements
Requirements engineering framework
Actors in requirements engineering
Requirements elicitation
Requirements analysis
Requirements validation Documenting and managing requirements
The requirements document
The requirements catalogue
Types of requirement
Managing requirements Modelling requirements
Modelling functionality
Modelling data Delivering the requirements
Delivering the solution
Delivery lifecycles – waterfall, V model, incremental, iterative Making a business and financial case
The business case in the project lifecycle
Identifying options
Assessing feasibility
Structure of a business case
Investment appraisal techniques
Realising the benefits Implementing business change
The change management process
The emotional impact of change