What is Traditional BI and In Memory BI?
Introduction to Qlikview
Difference between Traditional BI tools and Qlikview
QlikView Basic concepts
How to start the qlikview
Dashboard and Analysis
Qlikview environment
Qlikview Data Loading
How to load data
Different ways of loading the data
Loading from excel, DB
Inline load, resident load and preceding load
DB concepts

Primary key and foreign keys
Synthetic keys
Dimension table and Facts table
Star and Snow flake schema
Qlikview Architecture
Qlikview Design Concepts

Document properties
Sheet properties
Different Sheet Objects
List box and its properties
Multi box
Table box
Text object
Button object
Input box
Statistics box
Container object
Setting menu and other tool bars
Creation of charts
Single and multidimensional charts
Chart properties
Common functions in charts
Fast change property
Dynamic coloring and Custom sorting
Qlikview Data files
QVD file format
Creating QVDs
Use of QVD files
Internal memory of QVD
Pivot Table and straight tables
Advanced Scripting
Set Analysis and indirect set analysis
What-if analysis
Types of joins
Types of keep
Mapping tables
Let and set commands
Date functions
Incremental and resident load
Different function in scripting
Optimization of QV application
Performance tuning
Server QMC and Publisher (Administration) and access point.