SAP-HR Course Content

SAP HR (Human Resource) is one of the component in SAP ERP and it deals with HR related Activities. This module enables the Organizations to effectively manage the information about the Employees in their organization. It is tightly integrated with other SAP modules and external systems. It consists of all master data, configuration of system and transactions to complete the Hire to retire process.
Training Objectives of HR:
SAP HR is one of the important modules in SAP ERP. This module is in high demand and is a prerequisite to learning a number of other modules that include Personnel Management (PM), Personnel Administration (PA), Organization Management, Recruitment, Payroll and Time Management..
Target Students / Prerequisites:
Student must have a high level of computer literacy, a solid educational background and significant professional experience.
Organization Management
Object Types
Object Keys
Expert Mode
Simple Maintenance
Org. Staff Planning
Enterprise Structure Personnel Structure
Company 1. Employee Group
Company Code 2. Employee Sub Groups
Personnel Area 3. Assignments
Personnel Sub Area
Personal Management (Personal Administration) Organization Data Recruitment
Employee attributes 1. Vacancies
Payroll area 2. Advertisements
ABKRS Feature 3. Personnel Officer
Control record 4. Line Manager
Period Parameters 5. Application Types
Date modifiers
Payroll Data
Basic Pay
Sales Order Mgmt.
Personnel Calculation Rule
Collective agreement provision and grouping
Pay Scale Type / Area
Pay Scale Groups & Levels
Feature TARIF
Wage Types
Characteristics of Wage types
Permissibility with PS and ESG
Wage type model
ESG for Primary wage types
Feature LGMST
PSG for primary wage types
Time Management
Public holidays
Holiday Calendars
Factory Calendars
Work Schedules
Daily work Schedules
Break Schedules
Period work schedule rules
work schedule rules
Absence types
Attendance types
Attendance Quotas
Counting Class
PSG for absence / Attendance counting
ESG for personnel calculation rules
15. PSG for time recording
Benefit Plans
Benefit areas
Benefit Providers
Benefit Parameters
Benefit Integration with Payroll
Related Features
Training and Event Management
Business Events
Schema Modifications
Table Maintenance