SAP – Product Costing Basic – Course Content

SAP PC (Product Costing) will help a company to know the costs incurred by its products in order to successfully manage its product portfolio. Product cost accounting business process has been calculates cost of goods manufactured (COGM) or cost of goods sold (COGS) broken down by each step of the production process.
Training Objectives of PC:
SAP PC training covers the complete functionality of product costing for the particular production type such as make-to-stock or make-to-order or engineer-to-order with the relevant combination of discrete manufacturing process, process manufacturing or repetitive manufacturing processes.
Target Students / Prerequisites:
Knowledge Required on SAP, Accounting and Costing, Bills of Materials and Product Costing
Functional Overview
Product Cost Controlling
Product Cost Planning
Cost Object Controlling with Make to Stock Scenario
Master Data Review for Product Costing
Cost Elements
Cost Center
Activity Types
Purchasing Info Record
Master Recipe
Resources in Process Manufacturing
Product Cost Planning
Cost Center Planning
Activity Planning
Maintain Distribution and Assessment Cycles
Distribution and Assessment Execute Plan
Activity Rate
Costing Variant
Cost Estimate including Execute Calculation, Create Material, and Mark and Release Standard
Analyze Costing
Price Update
Mixed Costing
Reporting in Product Cost Planning
Summarized Analysis
Detailed Reports
PP-PI Make to Stock Cost Object Controlling
Product Cost by Order – Make to Stock Value Flow
Process Order
ME Close Activities with WIP result
ME Close Activities with Variance result
Overhead Calculation
WIP Calculation
Variance Calculation