Feasible, tailor made and result oriented web solutions to enable SMBs rear enhanced business gains.

At XCEL Resources, we project ourselves as a capable web development company. We count on our user centric approach to offer feasible, tailor made and result oriented web solutions for our clients. Especially, our contributions in enabling the small and medium businesses (SMBs) to progress in their respective fields have been noteworthy.

We keep a penetrating eye on the obstacles in the growth of SMBs in the IT industry, such as insufficient funds, dearth of expert guidance and lack of resources. Evidently, we overcome these challenges by providing technically sound, flexible and scalable web solutions for SMBs at pretty affordable cost.

Our result-oriented services catering to the specific requirements of SMBs include:

  • Custom Website Design and Development:

  • Open Source CMS (WordPress/Joomla/Drupal) Based Website Design

  • HTML/CSS/JS, HTML5 Based Responsive Website Design

  • User Experience Design

  • Market Analysis and Revamping Solution

  • Online Marketing and Advertising Consulting


    Besides offering cost-effective and reliable web design services, we also assist our clients in chalking out fruitful online marketing and advertising strategies. Evidently, our main focus lies on: Cost Reduction: Minimizing the expenditures incurred on optimization of web solutions. Enhanced Visibility: Maximizing social media efforts for brand recognition. By adopting these concerted points we not only help our clients in promoting their brand among the most targeted online visitors but also assist them in rearing better ROI. To get more insights into our working and know our approach toward providing web solution for SMBs, feel free to contact us. Please fill in our request information form and one of our consulting representatives shall instantly get in touch with you.