ASP .NET Online Training Concepts :
✔A Review of Classic ASP
✔ASP.NET Web Applications
✔Rendering HTML with Server Controls
✔Data Binding in ASP.NET
✔Web Development Using Visual Studio
✔Working with Controls
Introduction to Web Controls
✔Simple Input Controls
✔HyperLink and Button Controls
✔List Controls
✔Controlling Focus
✔Accessing Data
Overview of ADO.NET
✔Connecting to Data
✔Executing Commands
✔Working with Data
✔Choosing an ADO.NET Provider
Language Integrated Query
✔LINQ Syntax
✔LINQ to DataSets
Configuration Overview
✔Using the Web Site Administration Tool
✔Programming Configuration Files
✔Encrypting Configuration Sections
✔Data Binding
Introducing Data Source Controls
✔Reading and Write Data Using the Sql Data Source Control
✔Displaying and Editing Middle-Tier Data using the Object Data Source Control
✔Displaying XML Data Using the Xml Data Source Control
✔Validating User Input
Overview of ASP.NET Validation Controls
✔Using the Simple Validators
✔Using the Complex Validators
✔Summarizing Results with the Validation Summary Control
✔Separating Validation into Validation Groups
Introducing Cascading Style Sheets
✔Investigating Styles
✔Using Visual Studio 2008′s Tools for Working with Styles
✔Themes and Master Pages
Creating a Consistent Web Site
✔ASP.NET ✔0 Themes
✔Master Pages
✔Site Navigation
ASP.NET Web Site Navigation
1Creating an XML Site Map File
✔Site Navigation Controls
✔Using the Site Navigation API
✔URL Mapping
✔Security Trimming
✔Displaying Data with the GridView Control
Introducing the GridView Control
✔Filter Data in the GridView Control
✔Allow Users to Select from a Drop Down List in the Grid
✔Add a Hyperlink to the Grid
✔Deleting a Row and Handling Errors
✔Managing State
Conditional statements
✔Preserving State in Web Applications
✔Page-Level State
✔Using Cookies to Preserve State
✔ASP.NET Session State
✔Storing Objects in Session State
✔Configuring Session State
✔Setting Up an Out-of-Process State Server
✔Session State in SQL Server
✔Using Cookie less Session IDs
✔Application State
✔Managing Users with ASP.NET’s Membership Features
Introduction to Membership and Roles
✔Using Membership Controls
✔Writing Code to Interact with Membership and Roles
✔Server Debugging
Server-Side Code Debugging in ASP.NET
✔Using the Visual Debugger
✔Debugging Exceptions and Handling Errors
✔Debugging Stored Procedures
✔Client-Side and Advanced Debugging
Client-side Code Debugging in ASP.NET
✔Debugging Client-Side JavaScript
✔Custom Data Visualizers
✔Debugging .NET Framework Source Code
✔ASP.NET Tracing
Page-level Tracing
✔Programmatic Tracing
✔Web config
✔Diagnostics Trace
✔Trace Viewer
✔Listeners and Trace Switches
✔WebPage Trace Listener
✔Monitor Application Health
✔Creating New Controls
User-defined Controls
✔User Controls
✔Custom Controls
✔Improving Performance with Output Caching
Output Caching
✔Declarative Output Caching
✔Cache Page Fragments with User Controls
✔Dynamic Content in Cached Pages
✔Set Caching Configuration Options
✔Advanced Caching Techniques
Caching Features in ASP.NET
✔Configure Output Caching
✔Expiration Policies
✔Database Changes
✔SQL Notifications for Cache Expiration
Introduction to AJAX
✔Server-side AJAX Works
✔Controls in the AJAX Control Toolkit
✔Explore Client-Side AJAX
✔Using Data List and Repeater Controls
Repeater and Data List Controls
✔Templates and Styles
✔Bind Data to the Repeater and Data List Controls
✔Creating and Consuming Web Services
XML Web Service in Visual Studio
✔Test and Run Your Web Service
✔Web Service From a .NET Client
✔Explore the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
✔Using the List View and Database Controls
List View Features
✔List View Design Support in Visual Studio
✔Convert Static Pages to Dynamic Pages
✔Implementing Paging in the List View Control
✔Reading and Writing XML Using the XML DOM
Reading and Writing XML Programmatically
✔Important Classes in the System Xml Namespace
✔Create XML Documents
✔ASP.NET Profile Features
Introduction to ASP.NET’s Profile Features
✔Create Profile Schema in Web.config
✔Work With ASP.NET’s Profile Object Programmatically
✔Manage Anonymous Users and Their Profiles
✔Build and Use a Custom Profile Provider
✔Empowering User with Web Parts
Personalization Features
✔Web Part Server Controls
✔Code to Control Web Parts
✔Create Web Parts Controls
✔ASP.NET Extensions
Features of ASP.NET Extensions
✔Deploy Web Applications
✔Enable the Browser’s Back Button With AJAX Pages
✔ASP.NET Dynamic Data