Given the growing demand for data mobility and real-time analytics, native apps are increasingly gaining popularity in the world of enterprise mobility, due to their nature as platform specific apps– they are developed using default OS API such as Android, iOS, and Windows and the data associated with the app may be stored on the device or made remotely accessible through the app.

Though there are thousands of apps available on the AppStore and Play Store which can be effectively leveraged by businesses, native apps require a certain level of skill to develop. They are developed using an integrated development environment (IDE) which requires a high level of expertise and a rigorous methodology.

XCEL Resources has a highly skilled and certified mobile development team that provides the best possible app development solutions. We build native apps using Agile development methodology, cutting-edge development tools and language supported by all major platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. These apps are designed to provide the best possible user experience in terms of functionality and visual appeal.

We create a feasible roadmap for the entire life cycle of the app, providing necessary integration, maintenance and support as and when required.