SQL Server DBA Online Training Concepts :
✔SQL Server Architecture
✔SQL Server Version’s and Editions
✔SQL server Installation and Configuration
✔System databases
✔Pages and extents
✔Sql server services
✔Sql server protocols
✔ACID properties
✔Recovery models
✔Security-Login and User,Principals,Securables,Managing Permissions
✔Authentication Modes
✔Server roles
✔Database roles
✔Isolation Levels and Concurrency
✔Locking and Blocking-Types of locks and Types of reads
✔Service accounts for SQL server
✔GUI Templates-object explorer,solution explorer,template explorer,registered servers
✔Command line tools-BCP,SQLCMD
✔Creating and Configuring Database
✔Altering Databases and Their Options-Using ALTER command,Controlling Access,Controling DB state.
✔Linked servers
✔DAC-Dedicated Adminstrator Connection
✔CMS-Central Management Server
✔Data Compression and Backup Compression
✔Using ALTER Authorization Command
✔Schemas-Creating and working with schemas
✔DBCC-And their parameters
✔Indexes-Types of Indexes,working and Maintaining indexes,resolving indexfragmentation,fill factor
✔Update statistics
✔SQL Server Top New Features
✔DMV’s-Types of Dynamic Management Views and working with them.
✔PBM-Policy Based Management
✔Resource governer
✔Performance data collector
✔SQL Server profiler
✔Maintainence Plans
✔Types of Sql Server Backups and their important options.
✔Types of Restores and its related options
✔Orphan Users-Fixing orphan users
✔Log shipping
✔Database Mirroring
✔Replication-Types Replication
✔Basics of Windows Clustering
✔Overview of real time Third party Monitoring tools-Ex:-Idera DM,Lite speed.
✔Overview of real time Ticketing tool-Ex:-Altiris,Remedey.