Payment: Terms and Conditions

This Training Agreement (hereinafter "Agreement") is entered into by and between, RELYITSERVICES and "Customer/Student". WHEREAS, RELYITSERVICES provides certain software-related IT services.

1. RELYITSERVICES shall provide training to the Customer/Students in the registered courses with respect to the his/her preferred timings and availability.

2.Customer/Student shall diligently complete the training contemplated by attending all classes, seminars,Assignments and other scheduled tasks that are part of that training.

3. Customer/Student shall pay to RELYITSERVICES an agreed upon fee structure for the course they enrolled.

4.Once the Customer is registered he/She will be receiving the meeting links to join the training Sessions.

5.Student can record all the sessions during the training and once the Training is completed he/she will be receiving the entire study material from the trainer.

Return/Refund Policy:

Once registered for the training sessions, the company has right to deduct the fee to cover the costs of demo sessions, administrative costs, Training Expenses and server usage as per the instructions below, if the Customer/Student wish to discontinue from the course due to any reason.

RELYITSERVICES has right to deduct anywhere in between $100 to $300, if the Customer has just registered for the training.

If the Customer wants the refund of money after attending a minimum of 5 sessions, the company has right to deduct either 50% of the training fee or $600, whichever is higher.

If the Customer wants the refund of money after attending a minimum of 10 sessions, there will not be any refund in such case.



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