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ETL- Extract, Load, Transform – as the name implies is all the processes and technologies that revolve around finding the data, formatting it as needed and loading it to the relevant database systems for retrieval and usage. Data’s importance and its key role in the current day’s market is no secret. It is extremely important more than before to make sure that the ETL processes around the data are reliable, accurate and productive in order to ensure that the Business intelligence and data warehouse systems are everything they are supposed to be.
ETL Testers are on constant demand in the industry. However, for ETL testers not only is it a challenging and lucrative position- it is a role that comes with lots of responsibility and need for expertise.
Purpose of Datawarehouse
Tools used to Load data into the data warehouse
About Datawarehouse Testing
Need for ETL Testing
ETL Testing phases
Business understanding
Test plan creation
Test environment setup
Test script generations
How is ETL Testing different from normal Testing
How to ensure no data loss
Transformation Rules
Data validation Strategies
Data file loads
Data validation with in staging tables to check all Mapping rules
Data validation with in Target tables to ensure data is present in required format
Staging Area
Test approach and procedure in staging area
SOR Area
Test approach and procedure in SOR area
Datamarts Area
Test approach and procedure in Datamarts area
Live project examples of ETL Testing with Data stage ETL Tool
Most commonly used SQL oracle queries useful in ETL Testing
Most frequently asked Interview Questions