COGNOS Course Content

Cognos is a developer of Business Intelligence and Performance Management software Solutions provider, developed by IBM. It is designed for the Business users who have no technical Knowledge to extract corporate data, analyze it and assemble reports. This software is currently used to help businesses gain a better understanding of their financial performance strengths and weaknesses as well as help set targets and effectively allocate the resources necessary to achieve those goals.
Training Objectives of Cognos:
Cognos is the leading supplier and developer of business intelligence software and the name is recognized as a largest organization in their fields of BI reporting. Our Training sessions will give you complete overview on the subject. Students will able to learn the Techniques in it and they actively create data sources, and manage deployment content, assembling, analyzing, storing, reporting on, and giving access to data to facilitate enterprise users take superior business decisions to the Organizations.
Target Students and Prerequisites :
Students must be belonging to Technical background and basic knowledge required on SQL and Database.
About Cognos 8 BI
Cognos Features
Difference between Cognos Other OLAP tools
Cognos Release
Cognos Connections
How to Connect to different Data Sources
How to Provide Security to the Package
Import and Export of Package (Deployment)
Running the Report Burn
Analysis Studio
Insert Data
Change the number of Visible Items
Nest Data
Replace Data
Sort Data
Explore Data
Change the measure
Drill down for Details
Hide Items
Insert a calculation
Save a custom set
Define a filter
Compare sets of data
Using Dynamic Context
Query Studio
About Ad-hoc Reports
Types of Report(List,Cross Tab,Chart Reports & Others)
Applying Filters, Prompts & Calculations
Sorting, Grouping, Sections & Aggregate Functions
Framework Manager
About Framework Manager
Framework Manager,Metadata Modeling
Creation of Interface and Usage
Creating Model & Namespace (Layers)
Importing Metadata
Creating Query Subjects & Query Items
Merging Query Subjects
Creating Relationships & Setting Cardinalities
Creating Parameter Maps & Macros
Creating of Model Filters,Prompts & Calculations
Publishing Package
Report Studio
Type of Report Templates
Creating list, Cross Tab, Chart & Other Reports
Map Reports
Formatting Reports
Generating and Creating Prompt Page
Types of Prompts
Query Calculations & Layout Calculations
Static Filters and Dynamic Filters
Conditional Block
Conditional Formatting
Master Details
Cascading Prompt
HTML Items & Hyperlinks
Set Operators
Setting Burst Options
Setting Variables
Report Functions
Report Validation
Reports Run with Options