SAP MDM Course Content

SAP MDM (Master data management) is one of the Largest Module in SAP which refers to synchronizing “master data” a company’s most important data about its customers products are the other assets for the enterprise. Its Systems will manage master data from a Core central system whose architecture can be a registry model, a repository or persistent model, or a hybrid approach. It provides typical features of Data Management, Consolidation and Data Harmonization to be able to meet most of the Master Data Management needs.
Training Objectives of MDM:
SAP MDM is used to manage and distribute the different master data used in SAP Primarily Material Master, Customer Master, Vendor Master and Asset Master. Whenever data needs to be distributed globally across the different systems in the landscape, uniqueness and integrity becomes quite a challenge. And that’s exactly what SAP MDM tries to resolve through its Netweaver technology platform.
Target Students / Prerequisites:
Students must have knowledge on Concepts in SAP and Database.
Target Students / Prerequisites
Students must have knowledge on Concepts in SAP and Database.
SAP MDM Application Architecture
SAP MDM Application Architecture.
MDM Fundamentals and Data modeling Fund metals
MDM Fundamentals and Data modeling Fund metals
Overview of MDM Repository
Overview of MDM Repository
MDM data modeling and project preparation
MDM data modeling and project preparation
MDM modeling issues/solutions
MDM modeling issues/solutions
EBP – Enterprise Buyer Professional
About SRM
EBP Process
Overview on MM
Roles in Enterprise Buyer
EBP Scenarios – Different types
Roles in EBP Business Scenario
SRM System Architecture
Introduction to SAP NetWeaver Technology
Starting and stopping MDM console
Mounting and un Mounting MDM server
Connecting to MDM server.
Creating MDM repository.
Creating Different Tables.
Creating Different Fields.
Working with users, roles, remote system and ports.
MDM data Manager
Wokinng with five different modes.
CURD operations
Search techniques
Assignments and validations
Protect, checkin and checkout.
Qualifed table
Hirearchy table
Taxonomy table
MDM import Manager
Importing different source data(Excel, Access and xml)
Importing from multiple tables
Different operations on source table.
Source mapping and value mapping.
Matching of records.
Creating Maps
Using created Maps
MDM Syndicate
Syndicating single table data
Syndicating data with external source
Syndication data to XML and Flat source
Creating custom fields.
Working with MAPs
Working with Import Server
Working with Syndicate Server