VMware Course Details

Overview :
VMware is a virtualization and cloud computing software provider for x86-compatible computers. It is widely regarded to be the leader in the virtualization marketplace. Many corporate users are no doubt excited to have the company developing a virtualization solution for MacOS X. Deploying VMware software to meet complex business challenges such as resource utilization and availability, customers have significant benefits, including Less total cost of ownership, high return on investment and well improved service levels to their customers.
Training Objectives of VMWARE:
VMware is the customer proven virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions and world-class Global Support Services enables customers and partners to follow an evolutionary path to cloud computing. Our training course explores the installation, configuration, and management of VMware vSphere, which consists of VMware vSphere ESX and VMware vCenter Server. It employs the highly technical force dedicated to virtualization and specialized in the support of highly complex, various, heterogeneous and mission-critical virtual and cloud computing environments.
Target Students and Prerequisites:
Students must be Comfort with system administration using command-line interfaces and having a basic understanding of virtualization concepts.
VMware Course Details
virtual infrastructure overview
Discussion on virtualization and virtual
Infrastructure components
ESX server installation
Setup ESX server
Configuration of virtual switches, network
Connections and port groups
Storage management technologies
virtual center installation
Set- up of virtual center
creation and management of VMS
Use of templates
Manage using VMware virtual center and web access
resource management
V motion migrations
Setting vm priorities on CPU, memory, and other resources
Virtual machine access control
Controlling administrator rights
Monitoring your environment
Worked assessment
Service console monitoring
Data availability protection
Clustering, backup, failover
planning VI deployment
Guidelines symptoms, faults, fix
Install and configure virtual machines
Deploy virtual machines from templates and allocate resources
Migrate and manage virtual machines
Ensure high availability of applications
Trouble shot typical ESX server issues