SAP – BI Course Content

SAP BI (Business Intelligence) is the Core module in SAP which integrates all your corporate information so you can easily turn information into insight, insight into action and action into improved business operations. It allows organizations to access the Total wealth of information available over the Internet, transfer it, and use it in business decision making. This interpreted information places a Key importance to the success of an organization.
Training Objectives of BI:
SAP BI Module is the most comprehensive affective solution package available for collecting structured and unstructured data turns the information into knowledge, and become a successfully running an organization. With SAP BI, SAP offers you a Creative and technically advanced solution that will assist you, your customers, and your partners to implement information models across different organizations.
Target Students / Prerequisites:
Students must be belonging to IT Background and also familiar with concepts in SAP. Knowledge Required on Object Oriented Programming and Concepts in Database.
SAP Netweaver2004s overview
Overview of Different Software Components in Netweaver.
Overview of Business Intelligence. And Glance of all the New Features.
Enterprise Data Warehousing – Data Modeling
Info Objects
Data store objects (all three types).
Infocubes and Virtual Providers
Multiproviders and Infosets
Enterprise Data Warehousing – ETL
Master data extraction from Flat file (Attribute and Text)
Transaction data loading to Basic Infocube.
Data loading to Standard DSO and DSO to Infocube.
Enterprise Data Warehouse – New concepts
Direct Data acquisition Using Virtual Providers.
Real time Data acquisition from SAP systems and Non SAP systems.
Remodeling and Repartitioning.
Migration aspects.
New Data Flow concepts in Netweaver 2004s
Transformations and different types of Transformations.
DTP and Types of DTPs.
Source systems and Data sources.
Enterprise Reporting and Query Analysis
Query Designer
Report Designer.
Web Application Designer
Visual Composer Reporting
BI Performance
BI accelerator
BI Statistics
BI-Integrated Planning
Planning Environment and Planning Functions
Planning in the Excel
Planning on the Web