Salesforce Developer Course Content:

Introduction to Apex :Apex Language Fundamentals
• Data Types (Primitive Data Types, sObject Types)
• Writing Basic Anonymous Blocks with Apex Data Types
• Use of DML Statements
• Sample programs using the above concepts
Retrieving Records from the Database
• sObject Relationships
• SOQL, SOSL, Apex Sharing
• Sample programs using the above concepts
• Types of Collections
• Creating an Apex Class
• Calling a Class Method
• Alternative Apex Class Creation
• Trigger Events,Trigger Syntax, Trigger Context Variables
• Context Variable Considerations,Bulk Triggers
• Sample Programs using above concepts(using maps and sets in the Bulk Triggers)
• Order of Execution
• Governor Limits
Deployment (Testing Apex)
• Deployment overview (Understanding Testing in Apex)
• Annotations
• Deploying Apex into another Organization
• Testing Example
• Sample Programs using the above concept
Dynamic Apex
Batch Apex
Debugging Apex
• By using Change Sets
• By using IDE tool
• By using Migration tool kit
Apex Scheduler
Visualforce Pages
Introduction aboutVisualforce
• What is a Visualforce Page?
• Visualforce Markup
• Visualforce Controllers
• Where Can Visualforce Pages Be Used?
• How is Visualforce Architected?
Understanding Simple Variables and Formulas
• Global Variables
• Basic Formulas
• Conditionals
Creation of Visual force Pages using Tags
Page Tags,Input Tags,Output Tags,Action Tags,Select Tags,Other Tags
Overriding Buttons, Links, and Tabs with Visualforce
VF Tabs
• Standard Controllers
• Custom Controllers
• Controller Extensions
Sample programs using above concepts
Customer Portal Implementation
Customer Portal Setup
• Enabling Customer Portal Login and Settings
• Customizing Customer Portal Fonts and Colors
• Customizing Customer Portal Tabs and Customer Portal Pages
• Customizing List Views
• Customizing Search Layouts
• Setting Case Assignment Rules
• Creating Workflow Rules
• Configuring User Access to the Customer Portal
Setting Up Customer Portal Users
• About Customer Portal User Management
• Configuring User Access to the Customer Portal
• Enabling the Customer Portal for Contacts and Person Accounts
Partner Portal Implementation
Setting Up Partner Portal
• Configure the portal settings and communication templates.
• Configure the fonts, available tabs and colors used on the portal
• Create partner profiles and assign partner profiles to the portal
• Customize page layouts i.e.Managing Page Layouts
• Customize list views i.e. Creating Custom List Views
• Customizing Search Layouts
• Enable login on each partner portal
• Enable Partner Super User Access
Connecting the App with an External Service